• Cisco SourceFire
  • Snort IDS
  • CheckPoint
  • BroNSM
  • TrendMicro Tipping Point

1) Never self incriminate
  * Never admit
  * Deny everything
  * Demand proof
  * Make counter-allegations
  * Act belligerent and throw stuff
2) No excuses
3) Don't put your dick in crazy
        3a) Don't let crazy put its dick in you
4) Don't be "**that guy**"
5) Be excellent to each other
6) Document all the things!!
  * Is it in the wiki?
  * Paper trail or it didn't happen, CC everyone or you didn't do it.
  * If it isn't in an email, or ticket, it never happened.
7) Always trust your wingman

  1. Trust me, the community isn't the best, but it's better than nothing.

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