Security Lockdown

General Information

Security lockdown scripts based off of the CIS (Center for Internet Security) Benchmark guides.

Official Site:


  • Distro(s): Enterprise Linux 6/7

Script Usage

Place all scripts in the same directory.

  • ⇒ This is the main script. Execute this one; it will determine what child script to run based on OS and provide log files.
  • ⇒ Script that gets executed if running CentOS/Oracle 6
  • ⇒ Script that gets executed if running CentOS/Oracle 7

It works best if this directory is NFS shared, in which case you can simply mount the share and run the main script.

Example: Scripts placed in /data/scripts on a NFS server called “myadminserver.local” and execute from the client system:

mount -t nfs myadminserver.local:/data /mnt

Download The Scripts

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