Powershell Active Directory

General Information

This page shows neat tricks for Powershell within Active Directory to get useful information (one liners) or make batch changes.


  • Powershell CLI installed
  • Powershell running as administrator for any modify commands.

  • get-adcomputer -SearchBase 'ou=Workstations,dc=contoso,dc=com' -filter “Passwordlastset -lt '1/1/2018'” -properties * | Move-ADObject -TargetPath 'ou=OLD,ou=Workstations,dc=contoso,dc=com'
  • Moves all computers who have not connected to the domain since 1/1/2018 to the OLD OU.
  • Computers connected to the domain reset their passwords every 30 days.
  • -SearchBase specifies the OU you want to search within, this could be widened to the entire domain if needed.
  • -TargetPath specifies where these computers are going to be moved.
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