General Information

The requests library is a http library that allows you to interact with web servers via Python.

Sites to Practice Using Requests Against:


  • Python 2 or 3


Requests can be installed via pip

pip install requests


import requests

Using Requests

Requests supports the following http request types.

my_site = ""
response = requests.get(my_site + "get")
response = + "post")
response = requests.put(my_site + "put")
response = requests.delete(my_site + "delete")
##-- head and options responses are not implemented in the website --##
response = requests.head(my_site)
response = requests.options(my_site)

Using the GET request and handling the response data.

Example: Retrieve the latest XKCD Comic Info ( More Info:

import requests
# XKCD Current Comic JSON API
my_site = ""
# Retrieve using GET
print("Sending GET to: " + my_site)
response = requests.get(my_site)
# Extract the JSON object from the response
data = response.json()
# Show http status code on GET
print("Status code is:" + str(response.status_code))
# Show Certain fields from the JSON object
print("\n-- The Current XKCD Comic --")
print("Comic Title: " + data['title'])
print("Comic Text: " + data['alt'])
print("Comic Date: " + data['year'] + "-" + data['month'] + "-" + data['day'])
print("Comic Image URL: " + data['img'])

Output from above example

Sending GET to:
Status code is:200
-- The Current XKCD Comic --
Comic Title: Pie Charts
Comic Text: If you can't get your graphing tool to do the shading, just add some clip art of cosmologists discussing the unusual curvature of space in the area.
Comic Date: 2018-8-10
Comic Image URL:


Send data in a POST request.

Example: Use the site to delay 5 seconds (will replace with a more interesting example later)

import requests
# Post the request (this will delay/sleep for 5 seconds)
response ="")
# Extract the JSON object from the response
data = response.json()
# Show http status code
print("Status code is:" + str(response.status_code))
print("Returned response is:")

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