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YellowDog Update Manager (yum) .


  • Distro(s): Enterprise Linux

Kernel Maintenance

View Installed Kernels

rpm -q kernel

Remove Old Kernels

  1. Install yum utils
    yum install yum-utils
  2. Cleanup, set count to how many old kernels you want to remain
    package-cleanup --oldkernels --count=3
  3. Set number of installed kernels as a persistent setting
    vim /etc/yum.conf

Package Version Locking

Lock packages at specific versions to prevent them from being upgraded with “yum update”.

Install the version lock yum plugin

yum install yum-plugin-versionlock

Lock httpd package at the current installed version

yum versionlock httpd

List version locked entries

yum versionlock list

Remove httpd from being version locked

yum versionlock delete httpd

Remove all packages from being version locked

yum versionlock clear

Package Excludes

Exclude packages from a yum update, temporarily and persistently.

Exclude one time

yum update --exclude=kernel*

Exclude persistently

vim /etc/yum.conf
exclude=kernel* httpd*

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