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Calculate (and set) a Xymon client's cpu load thresholds, based off of the client's reported number of processors from the hostdata files.

This is mean to run on the Xymon Server periodically with cron.

It allows for far more useful load monitoring than arbitrarily setting a generic load or spending a lot of time editing config files for each system.


  • Xymon server installed/configured
  • Xymon clients checking in


Installation instructions.

No client modifications required.

  1. Install the 'bc' package (allows bash string to floating point number conversion)
    1. Enterprise Linux 6/7
      yum install bc
  2. Create the script somewhere such as: /root/scripts/
    1. See source below for contents
    2. Edit the “Customize Here” section
      1. Edit multipliers if desired(number of procs * number for warning and critical CPU load thresholds)
  3. Create the auto load directory on the Xymon server
    1. Default: /etc/xymon/analysis.d/auto-cpuload.d
  4. Add the auto load directory to the Xymon main analysis.cfg file so it is included
    1. Default: “directory /etc/xymon/analysis.d/auto-cpuload.d” to /etc/xymon/analysis.cfg
  5. Set the default load in /etc/xymon/analysis.cfg to a super low warning level of “0.1” and a critical of something very high like “100.0”.
    1. That way, a hostdata file is generated for a system that has not had its load auto calculated. (and you don't get alert emails/texts as its only at warning)
  6. Setup the script to auto run via cron (-v is verbose output)
    1. Example
      # Description: Execute xymon script to auto calculate cpu load from hostdata
      /root/scripts/ -v &> /root/scripts/cpu-load-calc.log

The Script
# Title:
# Description: Calculate a xymon client's cpu load (Run on Xymon Server periodically with cron)
# Dependency: Requires 'bc' package
# Last Change: 2018-05-22
# Recent Changes:-Updated awk search to look for [nproc] at the beginning of the line
# Customize Here
# Warning and Critical Load Multipliers (num of procs * multiplier)
# Directory to save auto load thresholds
# Xymon server's hostdata directory
# Xymon server's main analysis config file
# End of Customize
# Pre-Run Error Checking
## Dependency Check ##
which bc &> /dev/null
if [[ $? -eq 1 ]]; then
  echo ">> Error! Dependent package 'bc' (byte code) not detected. Exiting..."
  exit 1
## Does the Auto Load Directory exist?
if [[ ! -d ${auto_load_dir} ]]; then
  echo ">> Error! The directory (${auto_load_dir}) does not exist or is not a directory. Exiting..."
## Write Access Check
touch ${auto_load_dir}/testfile &> /dev/null
if [[ $? -eq 1 ]]; then
  echo ">> Error! User '$(whoami)' does not have write access to ${auto_load_dir}! Exiting..."
  exit 1
  rm -f ${auto_load_dir}/testfile &> /dev/null
## Check if the auto_load_dir is included in main analysis config file
grep "^directory ${auto_load_dir}" ${xymon_analysis_cfg} &> /dev/null
if [[ $? -eq 1 ]]; then
  echo -e ">> Warning! Auto load directory (${auto_load_dir}) is not included in ${xymon_analysis_cfg}. Continuing, but auto CPU load settings will not take affect until 'directory ${auto_load_dir}' is added to ${xymon_analysis_cfg}.\n"
# End of Pre-Run Error Checking
# Functions; Main starts after
function show_usage
  echo -e "\n####==== Xymon Client Auto Load Thresholds ====####"
  echo -e "\nDescripton: Calculate a xymon client's cpu load."
  echo -e "\n--Usage"
  echo -e "$0      => No arguments, configure with no verbosity."
  echo -e "$0 -v   => Verbose output."
  echo -e "$0 -r   => Refresh CPU load data (force hostdata update)."
  echo -e "$0 -h   => Display usage."
# Force snapshots of hostdata
function force_hostdata
  # Use node name passed as argument
  # Lie to Xymon that the node's cpu is green, then yellow, forcing a hostdata snapshot
  xymon "status ${node_name}.cpu green $(date)"
  xymon "status ${node_name}.cpu yellow $(date)"
# Get Script Arguments
# Reset POSIX variable in case it has been used previously in this shell
# By default, no verbose output
while getopts "hrv" opt; do
  case "${opt}" in
    h) # -h (help) argument
      exit 0
    r) # -r (refersh cpus) argument
    v) # -v (verbose) argument
    *) # invalid argument
      exit 0
# Main Program
echo -e "== Xymon Client Auto Load Thresholds =="
echo -e "Load Warning Multiplier: ${load_warn_multiplier}"
echo -e "Load Critical Multiplier: ${load_crit_multiplier}"
echo -e "Saving configs to: ${auto_load_dir}"
# For each node reporting host data
for node in $(ls ${xymon_hostdata_dir}); do
  if [[ ${verbose_output} == "yes" ]]; then
    echo -e "\n>> Working on node: ${node}"
  if [[ ${refresh_cpus} == "yes" ]]; then
    if [[ ${verbose_output} == "yes" ]]; then
      echo -e "\n-> Refreshing hostdata..."
    # Force an update of hostdata
    force_hostdata ${node}
  # Get the number of procs reported from node's most recent host data file
  node_num_procs="$(cat ${xymon_hostdata_dir}/${node}/$(ls -tr ${xymon_hostdata_dir}/${node}/ | tail -1) | awk '/^\[nproc]/ { getline; print }')"
  # If node_num_procs is empty or not a number, move to the next node
  if [[ -z ${node_num_procs} || ! ${node_num_procs} =~ [0-9][0-9]* ]]; then
    # Did not find 'nproc' in the host data file or no number from nproc returned
    if [[ ${verbose_output} == "yes" ]]; then
      echo "-> Warning! Could not find 'nproc' in ${node}'s host data file or no number returned. Skipping..."
  # Calculate the warning and critical load thresholds (normalize as a floating point with bc)
  load_warning=$(echo "${node_num_procs} * ${load_warn_multiplier}" | bc)
  load_critical=$(echo "${node_num_procs} * ${load_crit_multiplier}" | bc)
  if [[ ${verbose_output} == "yes" ]]; then
    echo -e "-> Number of Procs: ${node_num_procs}"
    echo -e "-> Warning at: ${load_warning}"
    echo -e "-> Critical at: ${load_critical}"
    echo -e "-> Creating node analysis drop in file..."
  # Create analysis drop in file
  echo "# ${node}'s CPU Load Thresholds (Warning Critical)" > ${auto_load_dir}/${node}.cfg
  echo "HOST=${node}" >> ${auto_load_dir}/${node}.cfg
  echo "  LOAD  ${load_warning}  ${load_critical}" >> ${auto_load_dir}/${node}.cfg
echo -e "\n== Auto Load Thresholds Complete =="
exit 0

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