Webserver Security Verification

General Information

Verifying security settings on web servers.


  • Apache HTTPD or Nginx

Verify SSL Ciphers

Ciphers - Check what will be used by openssl

openssl ciphers -v 'HIGH:!MEDIUM:!3DES:!ADH:!AECDH:!DHE:!EDH:!RC4'

Ciphers - Perform a SSL Scan on the web server

sslscan --no-failed
  • Look for “Supported Server Cipher(s)” and “Preferred Server Cipher(s)”

Ciphers - Perform a SSL Scan on the web server, get just the Accepted lines

sslscan --no-failed | grep Accepted

Verify HTTP Headers

Verify set HTTP headers, HSTS and others.

curl --head

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