VScode Editor

General Information

VScode/VScodium settings/useful plugins.

VScode is Microsoft's cross platform code editor.

VScodium is the open source version of VScode, the major difference being no telemetry (no reporting usage stats/phoning home to Microsoft).


Installation of vscode or vscodium.

Different methods of installing vscode here:

Installing vscodium here:

Custom Code Settings

You can edit custom settings in a json file to add advanced features.

Edit settings either via the CLI or GUI:

  • CLI
    • VSCodium: Edit ~/.config/VSCodium/User/settings.json
    • VSCode: Edit ~/.config/Code/User/settings.json
  • GUI (both codium and code)
    • File > Preferences > Settings
    • In the top right, click the '{}' “Open Settings (JSON)”

To add support for CFT yaml syntax

// Custom tags for the parser to use
    "yaml.customTags": [
        "!FindInMap sequence",
        "!Select sequence",
        "!Join sequence"

Associate files that begin with “Jenkinsfile*” to the jenkinsfile file type/syntax checking.

"files.associations": {
        "Jenkinsfile*": "jenkinsfile"

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