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 +====== Mirroring the Backups ======
 +The backup location on the server can be rsync'​ed to another location to create a backup of the backups.
 +This is useful if you were to attach removable storage to the server, run the rsync of the latest backups, and take the removable storage offsite.
 +Due to urbackup'​s space saving methods, rsync'​ing the most current backup with the correct rsync options will provide the most accurate mirror.
 +  * Urbackup location: /​home/​urbackup/​
 +  * The clients directory has symlinks to the latest backups: /​home/​urbackup/​clients/​
 +  * Rsync example: sync the latest backups to an external drive<​code bash>/​usr/​bin/​rsync --archive --partial --progress --delete --copy-links -h /​home/​urbackup/​clients/​ /​mnt/​usb-storage/</​code>​
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