Shared Libraries

General Information

Jenkins shared libraries are re-usable custom steps, variables, functions, and classes.


  • Jenkins server setup/configured
  • Jenkins pipeline job(s) configured

Shared Library Git Project

Create a new git project that will contain the Jenkins shared library.

Directory structure:

  • vars/ → Custom steps in <name>.groovy format
  • src/ → Other common code (classes, metadata)


Jenkins Server: Configure Shared Library

Edit the Jenkins server settings to be able to use the shared library

  • Manage Jenkins
    • Configure System
    • Under “Global Pipeline Libraries”, click “Add”
      • Library
        • Name: <short-descriptive-name> (will be used in Jenkinsfiles to access shared library)
          • The example pipeline below assumes the library name is: “library-example”
        • Default version: <branch or tag to use as default> (example: master)
        • Retrieval method
          • Select “Modern SCM”
          • Select “Git” or “GitHub”
          • Project Repository: <paste in URL of your git shared library repo, same as clone URL>
          • Credentials: <select git credentials>
    • Click Save

Jenkins Pipeline: Import Shared Library

Configure a Jenkinsfile pipeline to use the shared library and then access the custom step via its filename (minus extension).


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