Securely Transfer Files Between Systems

General Information

Transferring files with secure copy (scp) and secure file transfer protocol (sftp). SCP and SFTP both use tcp/22 (openssh).

SCP copy local file to remote server

scp myfile user@server1.org:~/storage/

Copy a remote file to a local system

scp user@server1.org:~/storage/myotherfile mynewlocalfile

SFTP Connect

sftp user@server1.org

View available commands

sftp> ?
  • Notice that all commands that operate locally are pre-pended with a ā€œlā€

Once connected, list and navigate

sftp> ls
sftp> cd mydir

Once connected, download file from remote server1 to local system

sftp> get myfile

Once connected, upload file to remote server1 from local system

sftp> put otherfile

Exit SFTP connected session


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