Jenkins Webhooks

General Information

Setting up webhooks which trigger a Jenkins job upon commit to a repo.


  • Jenkins server setup
  • GitLab repo available (GitHub may be similar)

Jobs with Webhooks

Creating a Jenkins job that is triggered upon push to a gitlab project.

  • Create Jenkins job
    • Under “Build Triggers”
      • Check: 'Build when a change is pushed to GitLab. GitLab webhook URL:….'
    • Click 'Advanced'
      • Under Secret token, click 'Generate'
  • Configure GitLab project settings
    • Settings > Integrations
    • Copy/paste webhook url from Jenkins job into URL field
    • Copy/paste secret token from Jenkins job into Secret Token field
    • Check the Triggers that you want to send a notification to Jenkins about
    • Optionally, uncheck 'Enable SSL Verification'
    • Click “Add webhook”
  • Configure GitLab project members
    • Go to Settings > Members
    • Ensure that the user configured to clone the project in the Jenkins job has “Developer” permissions to the project.
      • This will ensure that the job can write back job status to the gitlab commit (job running, success, failed, etc)

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