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Create And Configure Set-gid Directories For Collaboration

General Information

Team collaboration directories.

When files are created in a directory with set-GID, the new files inherit the group ownership of that directory.

Example scenario: The IT department would like to have a directory for its shared scripts amongst team members in /home/. They want the directory called “shared-scripts” and their group name to be “it”. All files created should be owned by “it” and no other users are allowed access. Add two of the members “rjones” and “dvader” to the group for them to test. Add them so that the “it” group is not their primary group.

Create the group “it”

groupadd it

Create rjones and dvader

useradd rjones
useradd dvader

Add the “it” group as a supplementary group

usermod -aG it rjones
usermod -aG it dvader

Create the “shared-scripts” directory

mkdir /home/shared-scripts

Change ownership

chown root:it /home/shared-scripts

Change the group set-GID bit so all files created will be owned by “it”

chmod g+s /home/shared-scripts
chmod g+w /home/shared-scripts
  • Also give them write access

Remove Permissions from all others

chmod o-rwx /home/shared-scripts

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