Crashplan Adopt New Computer

General Information

Adopting is having one computer take over backups in place of another.



  • Distro(s): Any
  • Other: Crashplan account, install Crashplan on New Computer

Reasons for Adopting

Some reasons for adopting a new computer could be:

  • Moving backups to a new computer
  • Replacing an old computer with new
  • Replacing computer's main hard drive
  • Recovering after an OS re-install

Adoption Procedure

  • Download/Install Crashplan
  • Sign into existing account
  • Restore files in the Crashplan app to the new computer
  • Adopt previous computer
    • If you don't see the option to “adopt a previous computer” at the top (titled Continue Backup):
      • Double click Crashplan logo in top right, CLI opens.
      • Type in “guid new”
      • Press Enter, close the window

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